Reid: Let legal process play out on Breeland first


Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he’s talked with cornerback Bashaud Breeland and seen the video of his arrest on multiple charges Tuesday in South Carolina. He said the team would wait before deciding whether to take any measures against Breeland.

“We’ll let it play out with the law enforcement side of things and evaluate it from there,” Reid said.

“Let’s see exactly what went on,” Reid said. “I know there is video out there. I’ve seen the video. I’ve talked to the kid. Let’s find out what the pace of this was and what caused everything to take place. I’m curious to see that part, as we all are, and then we’ll evaluate it from there.”

TMZ published a video from one of the witnesses to Breeland’s arrest at a gas station in Fort Mill, S.C.

Breeland, 28, faces charges of resisting arrest, having alcohol in a motor vehicle with the seal broken, having an open container of beer or wine in a motor vehicle, possession of 28 grams or less of marijuana or 10 grams of hash, and driving without a license.

He was released from the York County jail on $2,362.50 bond on Tuesday night.

According to the arrest report from the York County Sheriff’s Office, an officer witnessed three people smoking marijuana at the gas station. As the officer approached, all three attempted to leave the scene, the report said.

The officer said he witnessed one of the suspects throw a blunt into Breeland’s car. Breeland attempted to flee after being told by the officer he was being detained, the report said. The officer attempted to place handcuffs on Breeland, who then pulled away, the report said.

The officer said Breeland pushed him, and the officer pulled a Taser, according to the report. Breeland continued to resist and attempted to get in his car and leave, the report said. He got in the car, where the officer said he could not see Breeland’s hands. The officer drew a firearm, and Breeland put his hands in the air and was eventually handcuffed, according to the report.

In searching Breeland’s car, the officer found a blunt weighing 1.3 grams, other marijuana weighing about 3.2 grams, two open bottles of Corona beer and an open bottle of Patron.

Breeland gave the officer permission to look through his phone. The officer said he found several communications about drug transactions. Breeland told the officer that he liked to smoke marijuana.

In a statement Wednesday, Breeland’s lawyers questioned why the police officers drew their weapons and said they “look forward to reviewing all available evidence in this matter.”

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