Jeannie: Phil 'committed' to Knicks, not Lakers


Since basically day one, Phil Jackson’s tenure as the president of the New York Knicks has been filled with rumors and assumptions that he will at some point head back to Los Angeles and re-join the Lakers in some sort of capacity. Jackson previously coached the Lakers, was in the running for the position again before the team hired Mike D’Antoni in 2012 and is currently engaged to the team’s co-owner Jeanie Buss.

Living away from your significant other could put a strain on the relationship, but according to Buss, Jackson has no plans on coming back to Los Angeles and is “committed” to the Knicks.

“To visit, yes…but in terms of basketball, he’s committed to New York for many years,” Buss said on ESPN Radio via Ramona Shelburne. “He’s building something there. He has a mission, he’s on that journey to get the team back to where he believes it can be and it will be. He’s a former Knick … he loves New York, he loves the fans, he wants to make them proud.

“In terms of the Lakers, we have a front office. They’re putting together a team … they have a vision. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.”

This is basically the same thing Buss said back in February. Jackson is happy with the Knicks and the Lakers have no plan on luring him back. Buss has also indicated in the past that there will likely be front office changes if the Lakers aren’t competing for the Western Coference finals next season, but that doesn’t mean Jackson is next in line for the team’s GM or president position. So Buss is nothing but consistent when it comes to Jackson and the Lakers.

Of course, Jackson could change his mind at any point and decide to leave the Knicks. But at this time, it seems like Buss is under the assumption that her fiancee will remain in New York for the foreseeable future.

Phil Jackson isn’t leaving the Knicks according to Jeanie Buss.

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