What cold? 'Naked marathon' staged in Pyeongchang


Hundreds took to the streets of Pyeongchang on Saturday and Sunday for what organizers called a “naked marathon.”

While the Olympic’s men’s downhill skiing competition was postponed due to treacherous winds, nothing stopped the runners from taking part in their winter madness.

The temperature was a balmy -5°C (22°F) — although forecasters said it felt as cold as -15°C (5°F).

Gloves and beanies were allowed, but shirts were a big no, no.

A runner used his chest to declare "Go Yangpyeong!" -- a region in South Korea.

About 60 US Army soldiers in Pyeongchang joined the race, but they were disqualified from getting medals because they wore shirts at their commanders’ orders.

This is the 26th annual event, and just so happened to coincide with the Winter Olympics.

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