LTA report: British tennis body 'not satisfied' with gender pay gap


The LTA partly attributes the 55% gender bonus pay gap to the success of the 2015 Davis Cup team

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) says it pays both sexes equally for like-for-like roles, but it is “not satisfied” with its gender pay gap.

It also states in its 2017 report that there is a “lack of diversity and gender imbalance” at senior levels.

“We have work to do in closing this gap,” British tennis’ governing body said, referring to the pay imbalance.

In 2016, UK Sport and Sport England told governing bodies to bring in more women or lose public funding.

The LTA’s report, which by law was mandatory, says it partly attributed the gender bonus gap of 55% to the bonuses paid out after Great Britain won the Davis Cup in 2015.

It added: “We are committed to using this opportunity to look at how we can most effectively tackle the gap which exists, because we want to give everyone, men, women and those from under-represented groups working here the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Doing this will strengthen the LTA’s ability to deliver its goals.”

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