World Snooker Championship: Tournament must be played despite withdrawals – Allen


Mark Allen was beaten in the Tour Championship final last week

Mark Allen says suggestions that this year’s World Championship should be cancelled because of Covid-related withdrawals is “laughable”.

Hong Kong’s Marco Fu, who stated that was unsafe to travel to the UK, is among the players to pull out of the Crucible tournament this summer.

“I appreciate how unfortunate it is for the 11/12 players who have withdrawn,” NI player Allen said on Twitter.

“Would it be fair to cancel an event for the 130 who have chosen to play?”

The event was scheduled for its usual date but will now be played from 31 July to 16 August,

“To suggest that that the World Championship should be cancelled is laughable,” added the world number four from Antrim.

“World Snooker has to continue with the sport! I’m assuming contracts must be upheld with broadcasters and sponsors, as well as continuing to create opportunities for as many players as possible to earn a living.

“I know if I was one of those who couldn’t play for whatever reason I’d be annoyed but surely people have to see the bigger picture here.”

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