'Why it's important to celebrate diverse role models'


“I want people to see this and realise if you are young, black and British you can 100% excel in whatever lane you want.”

Those are the words of UK grime artist Stormzy who was on the cover of Elle magazine this week.

The 25-year-old was joined by a host of other young, black and influential stars including athletes Dina Asher-Smith, Joshua Buatsi and Wilfried Zaha.

Being 19 and from a mixed race background myself, I thought Stormzy’s Elle magazine cover was incredible.

In the words of Stormzy: “This country [has a history of] reducing young black British men and women, but we’re a whole spectrum of incredible things – and we’re on a mission to show that to the world.”

I totally agree.

Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling encapsulated it perfectly with his Instagram post