Connor McDavid goes as Donald Trump for Halloween


Connor McDavid went as Donald Trump for Halloween.

For Halloween, the player who made the Edmonton Oilers great again dressed up as the man who wants to make American great again.

Yes, that’s Connor McDavid as President Donald J. Trump, in an image shared by his girlfriend, Lauren Kyle, on Instagram. Which we imagine will go over well.

Oh, to be young and Canadian.

Now, I have a few questions about this costume:

1. Why?

2. Leave it a 20-year-old to wear a skinny hipster tie where a big ‘ol wide American power tie should hang.

3. Again, why?

4. We’d argue that he doesn’t quite have the skin-tone right, but given the Oilers’ home jerseys we imagine he’s had his fill of orange.

5.This is sorely lacking in having Patrick Maroon dressed as Jared Kushner. Sad!

So there you go, Connor McDavid as Donald Trump for Halloween. One can only hope that Auston Matthews is prepping his Justin Trudeau costume to fulfill his “best young player of his country dresses up like his rival nation’s elected leader” obligation. And by that we of course mean doing several sets of arm curls at the gym.

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