Saints RB taken in ambulance set for surgery


METAIRIE, La. — New Orleans Saints running back Daniel Lasco suffered a bulging disk that will require season-ending surgery but won’t be career-threatening, according to coach Sean Payton.

Lasco suffered a frightening injury in Sunday’s 47-10 win at Buffalo, when an ambulance was driven onto the field to take him to the hospital after he was hurt making a headfirst tackle on a kickoff return.

But Lasco was able to fly home with the team Sunday night and will likely have surgery within the week.

“The prognosis is good. We’re fortunate that it wasn’t more severe,” Payton said. “I know his teammates and coaches all felt relieved that he was able to come back on the plane with us.”

Lasco lay still on the ground for several minutes before being strapped to a board and lifted into the ambulance. But he was able to raise his arm for a slight wave, and reported that he told teammates to finish strong.

A second-year running back out of Cal, Lasco was drafted in the seventh round in 2016 and has spent most of the past two seasons with the Saints as a special-teams coverage specialist.

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