Play along with Rodgers for free Packers tickets at #rodgerstickethunt


GREEN BAY, Wis. — If you happened to know Aaron Rodgers’ favorite “Game of Thrones” character and his favorite restaurant in the Green Bay area and were interested in going to the Packers’ preseason opener, then you might have been in luck.

Or if you were in Denver last weekend and recognized a pay phone or a plant on the 16th Street Mall, you could’ve have seen the Packers-Broncos preseason game courtesy of the two-time MVP quarterback.

He hasn’t decided if it will continue during the regular season, so Thursday’s preseason finale against the Rams at Lambeau Field might be the last chance to participate in what Rodgers has dubbed – hashtag and all – the #rodgerstickethunt.

“I’m having a blast doing it,” Rodgers said. “I was thinking about what would be a cool way to connect with the fans. And I thought about a few times that I got tickets for people and they’ve canceled and I’ve not really known what to do with them. So I thought, you know what? Why don’t I do some fun stuff with Instagram and Twitter and see if people would be interested in some free tickets.”

Tori Hrubesky of Green Bay collected the first set of tickets because she knew Rodgers’ favorite “GOT” character is Daenerys Targaryen and his favorite restaurant is Chives.

“Instead of just handing them out, I’m competitive,” Rodgers said. “I like riddles and trivia games and stuff. It has been a cool way for me to interact with some fans and also I’m sharing a little bit about myself, too. Who’s my favorite character on ‘Game of Thrones’? Where’s my favorite restaurant in town?”

It continued with the Packers’ two road exhibition games.

Rodgers took it to another level in Denver last weekend, where someone actually got to meet Rodgers during the ticket hunt. He placed a pair of tickets in a pay phone – yes, Denver still has pay phones, apparently.

He then left another pair in a plant.

“When I came back to the planter I saw people digging through there,” Rodgers said. “So here I am hiding behind a wall filming these people and they caught me doing it and asked, ‘What happened to the tickets?’ And I said, ‘You guys must be too late.’ They were kind of bummed out.”

But Rodgers had two more tickets in his pocket and even posed for a picture with the winner.

That was the first time Rodgers actually met one of his ticket winners.

When asked whether he’s going to continue the practice during the regular season, he said: “I’m not sure yet.”

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