Browns find Osweiler to be 'pleasant surprise'


BEREA, Ohio — Hue Jackson had positive words for quarterback Brock Osweiler on Wednesday, calling the quarterback a “pleasant surprise” as the Cleveland Browns worked in Week 2 of OTAs.

“He’s done a good job,” the Browns coach said of Osweiler, who was acquired from Houston in March. “He works hard at it every day. He’s into it. I think he really enjoys being here.”

Osweiler is working with Cody Kessler, rookie DeShone Kizer and Kevin Hogan as the Browns sort through who will be the starter. This was not his week to speak to the media, but a week ago he said he could not have felt more welcome.

As for expectations, Jackson was candid in saying his were not exactly soaring when Osweiler arrived.

“I expected everything that you guys wrote,” Jackson said. “I watched everything that you guys wrote about what he was and what he wasn’t. I heard it from everywhere, too.”

Osweiler had a winning record last season for Houston — his one season as a full-time starter — but he also threw 16 interceptions and completed just 59 percent, both fourth-lowest in the league.

Jackson clearly was aware, but he has insisted since he came to Cleveland he would judge what he sees.

“I think you guys know me; I don’t judge people by what everybody else says,” Jackson said. “But everybody has a reputation before them. His was a little bit different. He’s not any of that that we’ve [seen]. The guy has been outstanding in our building, and I think that’s what’s most important.”

Jackson said Osweiler is “long and lanky” when he throws but said he moves well for a guy who stands 6-feet-8. He said Osweiler’s height can make him look gangly but that he is so tall that he can drop passes over defenders.

At one point in practice, Osweiler limped away after being caught in a tangle of linemen after he fell while moving up in the pocket. Trainers checked him, but he returned soon after.

Jackson said he told Osweiler on Tuesday that he sees improvement from a year ago.

“He looks much better right now,” Jackson said. “He’s more compact. He’s throwing the ball with a lot more velocity. He’s doing a lot of good things. He needs to keep going, just like all our quarterbacks do.”

That group includes Kizer, the team’s second-round pick who got a few reps with the starting linemen, something Jackson said not to read much into.

“I’m going to put him out there from time to team in different situations,” Jackson said. “I need to find out more about him than maybe everybody else. … He’s having a ton thrown at him right now. I’m sure his head is spinning.”

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