Bad omen? Black cat runs onto field, delays MNF


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The Dallas CowboysNew York Giants game Monday night was interrupted by a black cat just days after Halloween.

The cat made its way onto the MetLife Stadium field in the second quarter. It was on the far side away from the action for one play. It caused a two-minute delay when the cat was recognized by the teams and officials.

Security and police watched as the cat meandered near the south end zone. Police and security eventually made their way toward the feline before it ran off the field and eventually into the tunnel.

The crowd cheered and guffawed as the black cat captured the attention of the entire stadium, as well as some current and former players on social media.

The Giants led 9-3 at the time and kicked a field goal several minutes later to extend their lead before the Cowboys took it back with a field goal before halftime.

The black cat is only part of the strange or memorable things that have gone on between the Cowboys and Giants at MetLife.

In Jason Garrett’s first game as Cowboys interim coach in 2010, the lights went out when a transformer blew in the third quarter, causing a seven-minute delay. In 2014, Odell Beckham Jr. made the ridiculous one-handed catch for a 43-yard touchdown while falling backward.

Black cats also aren’t completely unfamiliar to New York teams. A black cat stared down the Chicago Cubs at Shea Stadium on Sept. 9, 1969. The Mets would eventually overtake the first-place Cubs and win the World Series to cap a miracle season, and the black cat was credited with putting a hex on the visiting team.

The visiting Cowboys entered Monday night in first place in the NFC East.

ESPN’s Todd Archer contributed to this report.

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