Royals' Boyer helps bus driver in emergency


Kansas City Royals reliever Blaine Boyer jumped in to lend a hand when a piece of ice shattered the windshield of a team bus and injured the driver Sunday night in Toronto.

As the Royals’ team buses traveled from the airport to their hotel, a chunk of ice flew off the leading bus and shattered the windshield of the second bus. After shards of glass hit the driver and cut his face, Boyer grabbed the wheel to help keep the bus under control, according to multiple reports.

Boyer told The Athletic that the driver, who is reported to be OK, deserves all the credit.

“He was a stud,” Boyer said. “That guy Fred was a trooper. He had shards in his face, and he was locked in on trying to get the bus slowed down.”

The Royals’ trouble with ice didn’t end there, as their game with the Blue Jays on Monday was postponed because pieces of ice that fell off the CN Tower punctured a hole in the roof of the Rogers Centre.

Boyer is in his first year with the Royals, having made the team out of spring training after signing a minor league deal.

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