Rob Segedin's memorable night goes from a blast to a baby


LOS ANGELES — How do you cap off a day when you hit a home run off San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner?

For Los Angeles Dodgers 27-year-old rookie Rob Segedin, it was to race to the hospital before the game had even ended Tuesday and welcome the arrival of his first child.

It has been a stretch of a little more than two weeks that Segedin will never forget. He made his major league debut with the Dodgers on Aug. 7 against the Boston Red Sox, doing it in style with four RBIs in a victory. His expecting wife, Robin, was in the stands as legendary broadcaster Vin Scully incorporated the couple’s pending arrival into his call of the game.

That major league debut came after seven years in the minors and some 2,331 plate appearances. Last year he had been demoted from Triple-A to Double-A in the New York Yankees organization and thought about leaving the game to get on with the rest of his life. His decision to keep playing has been rewarded.

Sporadic playing time followed his Dodgers debut, but Segedin managed to deliver his first home run in Cincinnati on Monday afternoon, knowing that his wife could be giving birth in Los Angeles at any minute.

Robin Segedin was induced into labor Tuesday, but Rob was available for one more start, this one at home, providing the Dodgers lineup with somewhat of an unknown element against a veteran pitcher who had never seen him. Sure enough, Segedin hit his second career home run in his first at-bat against Bumgarner.

Then, in a whirlwind series of events, Segedin was double-switched out of Tuesday’s game in the eighth inning. He raced to a nearby hospital, leaving Dodger Stadium before the game was even finished, and son Robinson was born at 11:36 p.m. That would be some 50 minutes after the game’s last out was recorded.

“It’s great,” manager Dave Roberts said after Tuesday’s game but before Robinson was born. “With Rob, we got to know him in spring training, and he’s the first guy to the ballpark and in the weight room. He’s one of the last guys to leave … and he’s performed all year.

“It’s nice to see a guy who has performed and gets rewarded and earns the opportunity to be a big league player. He’s taken this opportunity and run with it. He’s added some energy, some enthusiasm and our group has really come together.”

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