Food, money and culture (shock): the Béisbol Experience 50-man interview


“[Starting out] I had no money. None. But it was my own fault. I spent it on a pair of shoes, $60. I thought we had food in the fridge that they were going to give us. But when we arrived, there was no food. So I spent three days hungry, and I remember that I called my mom. She sent me money because I told her we were all hungry. And she started to cry. She told me, ‘Come back to Venezuela. You don’t need to go through this.’ And my dad grabbed the phone from her and told her, ‘Let him become a man. You want to be a ballplayer, then stay there. So put on your pants and go play ball, because this is what you wanted to do.’ I never called them again.” Miguel Montero, Cubs, Venezuela

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