When they threaten to tow your car… while you're in goal against a Premier League club


We’ve all heard the announcement before…

“Can the owner of the car blocking the emergency exit please speak to your nearest steward?”

Normally it’s not a problem.

That’s because normally the offending vehicle is not owned by the goalkeeper playing in the match!

Dulwich keeper Preston Edwards ignored the announcement the first two times his car registration was read out over the public address system in Thursday night’s match between Dulwich Hamlet and Premier League Crystal Palace – a game set up as a fundraiser for the non-league club.

However, when the third message stated the car was being towed, he could no longer concentrate on the game.

Edwards turned to the crowd behind his goal and shouted “that’s my car!”, which only resulted in chants of “Preston move your car, Preston, Preston move your car”.

Eventually the car was safely moved by a member of the crowd.

“It wasn’t a wind up,” Edwards said on Twitter