Paul Pogba: Uno-playing Manchester United midfielder leaves couple baffled


Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic and the Manchester United team were travelling on a train from Manchester

Imagine the fury, sitting on a train from Manchester only to be greeted by a bunch of “noisy hooligans” playing Uno.

Then, by way of apologising, they offer to have a picture taken.

A bemused couple, too polite to question the gesture, are met with an equally bemused Frenchman, who is handed a camera phone as the pair begin to pose.

“No, no, no,” the Frenchman says. “I am asking if you would like a photo with me, sir?”

Oblivious, confused and yet still too polite to question the man, they agree, only to be told hours later by their football-loving son this Uno-enthusiast-cum-photographer was, in fact, one of the most expensive players on earth.

The apologetic individual was France star and World Cup winner Paul Pogba, the over-excited card game players his Manchester United team-mates.

Nate Patrick, an Australian e-sports commentator, says the only thing his parents know about football is “the first few lines of It’s Coming Home”.

So he was shocked to get a WhatsApp message from his dad, currently “working on a big project” in England, including a picture of his parents with the midfielder and his United team-mate Nemanja Matic.

“These lads knew they were making a bit of noise, so they come up to mum and dad, and apologise, and ask if they’d like a photo,” Patrick wrote on Twitter