Parliament to debate FA 'no confidence' motion


Parliament is to debate a motion of no confidence in the governance of the Football Association on 9 February.

The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee will address whether the FA can “comply fully with its duties”.

Whether the FA’s structure makes reform impossible will also be examined and the government may be called on to intervene in the matter.

In July, sports minister Tracey Crouch said the FA would lose its £30m to £40m of public funding if it did not reform.

Then, in December, Crouch said that the government would bring in legislation to force through reforms if the governing body did not make changes itself.

Committee chairman Damian Collins MP revealed in a statement on Friday that the FA had been given six months to meet the government guidance published in October on best practice for sports governance.

Collins said: “We do not believe the FA will comply voluntarily: it can survive easily without the Government’s contribution of money to grassroots sport, and there are powerful vested interests that refuse to accept the right of all those involved in football to play a role in the governance of the sport.

“We are therefore preparing a draft bill to bring the structure of the FA, especially its board and council, more into line with modern company practice and the government’s guidelines for sports bodies.”

How did it get to this point?

The motion comes after five former FA executives said the governing body had failed to “self-reform”.

In a letter to committee chairman Damian Collins MP, David Bernstein, David Davies, Greg Dyke, Alex Horne and David Triesman described it as outdated, held back by “elderly white men” and unable to counter the power of the Premier League.

Collins responded by saying the committee “shares your concern” and confirmed a draft bill to deliver the necessary reform was being prepared.

And in an interview with the BBC, the committee chairman added that: “We feel now that time has run out. We no longer have any confidence that the FA can or will reform itself.”

More to follow.

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