Get news alerts for your favourite sports


In the BBC Sport app you can now set alerts for football, cricket, tennis, golf and formula 1 news – ensuring you never miss any of the biggest stories from your favourite sports.

These five new alerts complement Top Stories, which already send out breaking sport news and reaction to more than 400,000 subscribers.

The alerts are easy to add – head to the My Alerts section of the menu and then choose the topics you are interested in.

You can also add score alerts for your football, rugby and cricket teams as well as Formula 1.

As an example, you might be a fan of Manchester City, the English football team, Lancashire cricket and Salford Rugby League, while also enjoying tennis.

In the app, you could set score alerts for Man City, England football, Salford and Lancashire, while also setting news alerts for football, cricket and tennis.

Whether it’s a try for Salford, the start of a key Andy Murray match, a major football signing or the latest England cricket squad announcement, the news that matters to you would arrive on your homescreen.

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